Industrial and rustic in London


This beautiful London home is an awesome combination of industrial and rustic.It is available to rent out through Shoot Factory, a company providing hundreds of drool worthy places available for  photo shoots or filming. I wouldn’t mind moving there, massive amount of love for that kitchen, the painted brick walls, the feature wall behind the bed (yes feature walls can be good!) and of course the Aga!

london house kateyoungdesign5

london house kateyoungdesign

london house kateyoungdesign3

london house kateyoungdesign9

london house kateyoungdesign10

london house kateyoungdesign12

london house kateyoungdesign13

london house kateyoungdesign14

london house kateyoungdesign15

london house kateyoungdesign16

london house kateyoungdesign17

london house kateyoungdesign18

london house kateyoungdesign20

london house kateyoungdesign21


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