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How to choose the perfect dining table

How to choose the perfect dining table

Picking a new dining table can be a tricky business! Gone are the days when all that mattered was size and shape! The choice is endless and more than ever it often doubles up as a desk as well as a place to do homework […]

New exclusive art prints from White & Grey

New exclusive art prints from White & Grey

I am sure I don’t need to tell you how much I love prints, wall art and gallery walls! Monochrome is my thing so black and white photography always features heavily at mine! I am forever on the lookout for new original and affordable art […]

Hema, the original no nonsense homeware store

Hema, the original no nonsense homeware store

Who is HEMA?

When I first discovered Hema a few months ago it seemed to me a cross between Swedish giant Ikea and danish store Tiger but I couldn’t have been more wrong! (more…)

Teen bedroom makeover | The planning

Teen bedroom makeover | The planning

  So, as some of you may know, we have recently moved house, yay! First room to be decorated is my youngest daughters room. She very gracefully chose the smallest bedroom so in exchange I promised to revamp her space first! The room she had […]

Introducing Souk Collective UK

Introducing Souk Collective UK

Souk Collective may have only launched in the UK in February this year yet they are rapidly building themselves a reputation as a go to store if you’re looking to insert some cool boho vibes into your space.

Celebrate your mornings with Eve Sleep

Celebrate your mornings with Eve Sleep

Are you getting a good night sleep?

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my post this morning talking about  World Sleep Day today! And no it isn’t a day when you can stay in bed all day sadly! Yes it is a celebration of sleep but more importantly it is a call to action on important sleep issues such as various sleep disorders and how they impact on our daily life. I won’t bore you with statistics but as someone suffering from insomnia on a regular basis I can tell you that the problem is real! They are lots of things you can do to help such as avoid caffeine, have a fixed bedtime, keep the room ventilated and have a comfortable bed and bedding.  (more…)


Vintage heaven in Den Bosch

Vintage heaven in Den Bosch

vtwonen kateyoungdesign

Spotted this in Vtwonen and I couldn’t resist sharing with you guys. Beautufil light in this apartment in Den Bosch, Holland. Almost everything is second hand, vintage or repurposed by its owners, Britt and Sander, owner of concept store, Daily Poetry…Happy gawking!

vtwonen kateyoungdesign1

vtwonen kateyoungdesign2

vtwonen kateyoungdesign3

vtwonen kateyoungdesign4

vtwonen kateyoungdesign5

vtwonen kateyoungdesign6

vtwonen kateyoungdesign7

vtwonen kateyoungdesign8

vtwonen kateyoungdesign9

vtwonen kateyoungdesign10

vtwonen kateyoungdesign11

vtwonen kateyoungdesign12

vtwonen kateyoungdesign13

vtwonen kateyoungdesign14

vtwonen kateyoungdesign15

vtwonen kateyoungdesign16

vtwonen kateyoungdesign17

vtwonen kateyoungdesign18

Via Vt Wonen

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