Hippie vibes in London

Hippie vibes in London

I was gifted a book a few years ago called Seductive Interiors and when I spotted this place on location agency Shootfactory a few days ago I knew exactly it was the work of the superstar interior decorator Sera Hersham-Loftus.The book, which I cannot recommend enough, is beautifully photographed by the very talented Gisela Torres and is a compilation of Sera’s work and inspirations. I love the black, white combo with luxurious touches of gold and silver and of course a lot of green.If you love this place as much as I do then find the book, you will be hooked i promise! Oh and the 1970 deep buttoned silver sofa has had Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse, Lara Stone draped over it for the worlds top fashion magazines….defo on my wishlist!




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