Nook London | AW15

Nostalgia Lights Reserve Lamp Shades.

Based in East London, Nook London was founded in 2011 by St Martins Grad Hattie Hollins.It is home to a leading brand of vintage and industrial inspired lighting, Nostalgia Lights.The new Autumn Winter 2015 catalogue has just come out, a brand spanking new website due to go live any time very soon, are just two of the many things to get very excited about this season.The third and perhaps THE most exciting, is the launch of a new soft furnishing range which sends Nook London from lighting specialists into the broader sphere of homeware! The collection consists of a luxurious range of 100%wool cushions, perfect for the coming winter months…Last but not least, this season see the expansion of the eco friendly range of long life 20,000 hours LED lamps, a mixture of classic styles mixed with the ever present Nostalgia lights.

Cluster of Silver Cap Light Bulbs and Teal Pendant Set.
Reserve Miniature Bell Shade Sets and 100 % Wool Cushions.
100% Wool Cushion.
100% Wool Cushion.
Nostalgia Lights Reserve White Copper Lamp Set.
Enamel Pendant Lampshade.
Enamel Pendant Lampshade.
Nostalgia Lamp Shade

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