From Leather Factory to Beautiful Home


Some time ago I fell in love with a kitchen on Pinterest, sadly, and as is too often the case,  I was unable to find the source of the image.Finally this morning hooray I got it! It belongs to one of the coolest Australian girl ever, Saskia Folk. Saskia is an artist born in Melbourne, she worked as a field officer for Papunya Tula Artists, a group credited with putting Aboriginal art on the world stage. During that time, as she travelled thousands of kilometeres between the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Saskia saw hundreds of abandoned vehicles stripped bare, corroded and abandoned.In 2009 Saskia decided to start collecting some of the panels from these cars and the rest, as they say, is history! Check out her work and beautiful story here. Back to the house, once was a leather factory, now a super cool home with a kitchen to die for! Everything I love from painted bricks to industrial lighting, some amazing vintage pieces and lets not forget an abundance of stunning art pieces.

Kate x



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