How to plan the perfect kids rooms

How to plan the perfect kids rooms
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 Welcome to the very first post of this brand new feature on the blog where i will talk exclusively about kids rooms. I will be sharing with you: ideas, addresses and tips to create beautiful, droolworthy kids rooms that will make both you and them happy. We will talk about: colour, style, furniture, toys and loads more… But first lets start with a confession… I have never allowed my children to have themed bedrooms! Harsh? I dont think so… Instead I provided them with inspiring, playful, fun and safe rooms where they and  their imagination could run wild without compromising on style! You don’t necessarily need a load of cash, any home can be nurturing regardless of budget.Want to know how? Simple… THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! It really is the most important piece of advice  in order to create stimulating and fun children’s rooms that look like they should be on the cover of Elle Decoration! Yes, it’s possible! My second piece of advice is: get the kids involved in the design of the room, BUT, do not shop with them! That way, you will avoid buying that Peppa pig shaped wardrobe, because we all know how persuasive kids can be in a crowded shop! The first step is planning  the space around those four functions…


This is the very first thing to consider when you are a planning kids rooms… You need storage and plenty of it! Kids and clutter go together like Hansel and Gretel, so try to make tidying up fun and accessible to them, but dont expect miracles! Kids like mess, that’s a fact! So my advice is invest in good storage that works for you. As a parent as you’ll be doing most of the tidying up, unless of course you are a better role model than me, or your children are going through that “I want to clean everything” stage (yes it happens, it just doesnt last!).

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  •  PLAY

Children must play, in fact, it is so important that it is classified as a basic human right… So think about that when planning the room. If you are short on space then think clever. Rather than having a seperate easel, paint a wall in chalkboard paint. Raise the bed and make them a den underneath.Turn their wall into a gallery for all their artwork, using washi tape for that extra cool and cheap touch! Swings arent just for outside, if you have the space, hang one in their room.

kid room kate young design 10
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This is quite often overlooked in a kids room, but it is as important as the play area… It could be as simple as a few cushions on the floor, just somewhere for them to recharge their batteries or even just to snuggle up and read a book. They may even be willing to take a nap if it’s somewhere that doesn’t resemble a bed! Think oversized bean bags, cushions or tipi tents…

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  •  SLEEP

Of course, the bed! This is where you can spend the cash and indulge in something beautiful, well made and stylish… Even if it remains unoccupied most nights, as we all know that children much prefer sleeping in a double bed sideways!

kid room play kate young design


So these are the key areas when planning kids rooms, and next time we will look at storage in depth. I will share with you: what I’ve learnt along the way, what works, what doesn’t and how to successfully bring storage and style together! I will also be showing you the coolest places to shop, from the very affordable to the very indulgent! If you don’t want to miss it, then subscribe to my newsletter (no junk mail, cross my heart!).


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  • Can we add one point more? Lighting?
    Open plan and bright spaces are great. Big windows to let the sun light up the room. However we will need some extra help to bring some light in the dark nights. We recently read some blogs complaining about the high health and safety risk of the filament light bulbs for children. Their glow is beautiful but they turn too too hot and dangerous. That is why we recommend LED Energy Efficient light bulbs in the children room. They will never ever get hot and they have the added benefit of being an energy and environmentally conscious option, which effectively means savings all round!
    We hope that our advice can help to design a perfect kids room.

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