Designer Crush | Hunter Wood Creative

Designer Crush | Hunter Wood Creative

Add texture to your walls with these one off piece of art made of reclaimed wood from Hunter Wood Creative

You will no doubt all have read at some point somewhere how important it is to add texture to your interior.If, like me, you shy away from colour then texture, alongside lighting, is even more crucial for turning your home into a cosy, interesting and welcoming space. There are hundreds of ways to add texture to your interior,tactile or visual. It can be  different fabrics, tiles, wood and shapes…Different textures will be present whether you’re into modern sleek interiors or you prefer a more rustic style.In fact textures alone can define your personal style. I am always on the lookout for different, new and innovative ways in which creators use natural materials.  I discovered Hunter Wood Creative on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with their intriguing collection of 100% handcrafted timber wall art, perfect to add texture and interest to your walls.


From their Modewarre workshop Luke and Dale Rogers have spend hours diligently pouring over different cuts of recycled timber.From rustic lengths of Victorian ash to imperfect but beautiful redwood boards, the couple sees beauty in every piece.
Constantly gaining inspiration from their picturesque rural surroundings, Luke and Dale share an evident appreciation of the natural world.
A love of the earthy and rustic is at the heart of their personal styles. It’s what lead them to settle in a country location, it influences their design choices and it was also a pivotal factor in the recent launch of their business Hunter Wood Creative.
Boasting a collection of handcrafted timber wall wares, Hunter Wood Creative makes use of a range of carefully selected timbers, transforming unused pieces into one-off works of art.
They are passionate about repurposing and showcasing the true beauty and patterns of nature’s raw materials.
Hunter Wood Creative began somewhat unintentionally when Dale was in the market for a statement artwork for the couple rural home. With design ideas already clear in her mind, she decided she and Luke could custom-make the piece themselves. The resulting artwork was the prototype for the ARAPAHO collection – the first Hinter Wood Creative Range.
The collection boasts wall wares in an array of shapes and sizes, and combines bold patterns and geometric shapes with the natural beauty of distressed leather inlays, mounted skulls and reclaimed timber.
Each piece is created using products of nature, making each piece perfectly imperfect.
Each piece in the collection has been hand made by Dale and Luke in there home studio.
Go and give them some love on Instagram and tell me what you think?
Add texture to your walls with these one off piece of art made of reclaimed wood from Hunter Wood Creative
Add texture to your walls with these one off piece of art made of reclaimed wood from Hunter Wood Creative
Shared with kind permission from Hunter Wood Creative

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