Bathroom Makeover | Part 1

So 3 weeks ago I finally decided it was time to work on the bathroom, the red flowery tiles combined with some glittery border tiles (see pic below!) just really wasn’t doing it for me!  Nor was the ridiculously tiny sink, the loose floorboards and breeze blocks propping the bath up! The ceiling is artexed and the room is small, approximately 3 metre square and all the pipework needs to be redone before I can even think of purchasing some of my beloved Aesop toiletries! On the plus side, yes there is one, we have a lovely roll top bath which I am intending on painting black and adding so much needed new feet.

Tiles have now been removed!



I know it is customary to have tiles in a bathroom but, during my last 3 years of researching Pinterest I noticed all the bathrooms I fell in love with had tongue and groove walls. Like this one…

How to plan your perfect bathroom

The Estate Trentham, Lynda Gardner

Since we are not having a separate shower I am really tempted to go with that option. I love wood and I think it gives the room a much warmer feel. The floor however will be tiled. But decision, decision! Plain or patterned?

What do you think of these?

They are from Walls and floors and kind of replicate concrete, they cost £32.95 per m2

Or second option, these…

Also from Walls and Floors, £29.95 per m2


I love the patterned tiles but I wonder whether I  will I still love them in 2 years time or will I be sick of seeing them all over Pinterest and Instagram?

Next on the decision making list is a sink and for that I have been totally inspired by these two pics…

First from The Estate Trentham (again!)

and this from the beautiful Chateau De Dirac

I have found not one but two contenders at Tikamoon Uk

The Alexi porcelain washbasin

The Icar Terrazzo washbasin

And then the small question of lighting! In my mood board I have included my very favourite chandelier ever: The absolutely amazing Nordal chandelier! However with a price tag of over £1000 I would think it highly unlikely it will ever grace my bathroom (anyone reading this and selling those willing to do a collab please get in touch!) So I must get over it and think smaller scale but the truth is I have not found anything that even compares! The search continues…

So this is basically where I am at! Considering I have had 3 years to plan this bathroom it is quite pathetic but I find bathrooms (and kitchens) really tricky. You have to invest a lot of cash on tiles and sink and taps. It has to be right for at least 5 years and I am struggling with that kind of commitment! Anyone else out there? What do you think of my choices so far? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your views…

To be continued…



4 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover | Part 1”

  • I’m a sucker for a black and white bathroom! The inspiration bathroom you included at the top of this post has me drooling. I think all of your selections are great. You can’t go wrong no matter which pieces you pick.

  • Hello. I love the look you’re going for in the bathroom and it’s a big 👍 From me on both the patterned tile and wooden wall front! Re the light fixture you could try making one? See @artynads on insta who has done so. Good luck deciding x

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