Designer loft in Brooklyn


I hesitated a little before sharing this loft purely because (I don't mind admitting!) I am a little colour phobic and the pink bedroom was a little overwhelming for me at first.However after looking at it again I discovered I rather liked the brightly painted bricks! According to David who purchased this loft about 10 years ago,  they chose this Baker Miller Pink, for its calming and soothing properties! Apparently the colour is also used in some American prisons and it was found that this pink was associated with a short-term decrease in aggression. Subsequent experiments also found that this shade of pink could also act as a natural appetite suppressant! I digress but wow,pretty amazing! The rest of the loft is a mix of carefully chosen designer pieces like the "Case Study Day Bed" by Charles & Ray Eames (purchased from Modernica) or the Jason Miller chandelier, Jaime Hayon white vases and many more pieces, most of them for sale at David's boutique The Future Perfect. My favourite part however has to be the kitchen with its oversized rusty metal door and those patchwork walls! Photos: Marie Claire Maison