Rustic Italian home


It's been a busy day today and I wouldn't mind getting away from it all for a few days...Fancy Italy? who doesn't! Come and take a look at this wonderful B&B but be warned it will give you serious holiday envy! This B&B close to Parma (Italy) is the beautiful home of Carla Soffritti & Stefano Castelluccio. A house in the woods, 1100 hectares of trees and meadows. Eco friendly with everything sourced locally.The “no waste” rule mean they  have given second hand objects and production waste a new function and a high-level aesthetic.Unmatched drawers have taken on new life by becoming book shelves, the door of an old wardrobe today is now a bathroom mirror, and part of a discarded blackboard serves as the front panel of the stove hood…Fancy staying there? I do, forever!

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