Colour, colour on the wall...


As some of you may already know, decorating my hallway/landing is proving to be the most time consuming agonising project ever! For the first time in a long time I am full of hesitation about wall colour...Of course it has to be dark  but which shade of dark? I am obsessed with Abigail Ahern wonderful paint selection each colour more scrummy than the other so after painting swatches, reading the book (Colour!) and spending hours on Pinterest I was sold on Rivington blue.But having always wanted an inky blue bedroom, I had to reconsider! So back to the drawing board! Good news is I'm getting close folks! Brown has never been a colour I have used or even considered using until I saw these pictures... CraigRose_1221110_CrosbyPaintAbigailAhern.jpg_1436784368

First of, Crosby,according to Ms Ahern..." it is an emotive, regal colour, brown with undertones of pink. It's a seriously smart hue. Strong, versatile and incredibly calming and it is my number one".I think it could well be my number one closely followed by...


Damson..." complex and powerful with undertones of brown. It anchors a space. It's a solid, reassuring colour. Living rooms and dining rooms look super smart in it and it works beautifully with a full range of accents - think greys, golds, browns, and pinks."And lastly...


Wooster Olive...which I know isn't strictly speaking brown but hey read on... "one of the most transformative hues in the collection. Paint any room out in it and it will automatically turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary room. Soothing, calming, glamorous, elegant, enriching "

Having narrowed it down to three, I am nearly there right?! Well I have given myself until the end of the day to reach my final decision!

Abigail Ahern paint for sale from Craig&Rose and of course from Abigail

PS: This is not a sponsored post, just love for brands I have bought or would buy from.