Vintage home in France


It took flea market addict Isabelle and her husband Jean Pierre just over a year to renovate the house they inherited in Brittany...and what a beautiful job they did! Throughout the house it is a perfect combo of vintage,original features, wood and a few splashes of bright colour making this a wonderfully beautiful and cosy home. Isabelle even managed to set up her own little online shop, Bazaard & co wowza! Bazar_and_Co_1d

Bazar_and_Co_6dBazar_and_Co_9Bazar_and_Co_8 Bazar_and_Co_7 Bazar_and_Co_4 Bazar_and_Co_10Bazar_and_Co_16Bazar_and_Co_17Bazar_and_Co_18Bazar_and_Co_19b

Bazar_and_Co_3 Bazar_and_Co_11 Bazar_and_Co_12 Bazar_and_Co_13 Bazar_and_Co_14


Source: Emag-deco with thanks