Designer crush | Rad Design Inc.


I've said this before and I'll say it again Pinterest is a constant source of inspiration to me. One link always leads to another and before I know it 2 hours have passed! Anyway Pinterest is where I discovered Rad Design...These guys are from Toronto, Canada and not only have they totally wowed me (and a great many others!), they have also changed the way I look at modern design.Founder and principal of Rad Design Inc, Golbou Rad, has travelled extensively from a very early age, all through Asia and Europe, also spending time in Los Angeles and the Middle East. Her educational background is somewhat impressive and includes both a Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Urban Design degree from the University of Toronto. But there's more! Not just content with an already successful architectural and interior design practice she decides to create a new retail venture to work alongside it and so RADform was born. RADform "brings together unique and inspired furniture, lighting, wallpaper and design accessories from around the world. Each item is handpicked not only for its design attributes, but also for the high quality of its materials and construction. These are not just products you will live with; they are items you will fall in love with." I think we can all agree Ms Rad is more than equipped to fulfil her mission to 'improve the way people live, work and enjoy everyday life within the built environment.'