The butterfly chair

Introduced in the early 20th Century the butterfly chair was inspired by the work of über famous architect Le Corbusier. Designed by the Austral Group (the partners of the group were Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, so the chair was named "BKF" after them) in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1938. Naming the Butterfly as one of the “best efforts of modern chair design,” Design Director at the Museum of Modern Art, Kaufmann, accurately predicted that it would become extremely popular.Now a design classic with millions of copies manufactured all over the world, the butterfly chair is super comfy and stylish, functional, lightweight, I like mine with a sheepskin draped over it, how about you?

House Junkie : £350

Luke Home: £215


Atkin & Thyme: £249


  At West End