Colour | Part 1 Accent colour


Firstly, apologies for not writing very much at all in the last few days. We are having a major rejig at home so I can finally have an office to work in (yippee!) and it is eating into an already very busy schedule with London Design Month at the same time! Anyway back to today's post about colour! Yes I know we don't talk about colour a huge amount on here as I tend to shy away from anything other than white, black, grey and dark inky shades of blue. But without a touch of colour here and there interiors can be a little dull! Accent colours, as interior designers call them, can add depth and interest to your home. Dark walls are the perfect backdrop and the moment I have real obsession with yellow! Just remember not to overdo the accent colour, as a rule of thumb it should represent around 10% of the overall scheme but it is only a guide so don't stress, be guided by what you think looks good, use your gut feeling that's how I roll! One last thing, accent colour needn't be bright, blush, for example, is a beautiful accent colour and another favorite of mine. Still not convinced? Stay tuned...In the next few days I will be sharing a fab new shop which makes this whole process even easier!

Kate x


All images were sourced from my Pinterest board "Colour".