Is it too early for Christmas?


I know it is mid October and it is a tad early to be thinking about Christmas.In our house we can start thinking about Christmas after my birthday, so strictly speaking anytime after this weekend is fine! The truth is I am not a huge Christmas fan but on this occasion I am super excited to be sharing these images from Olsson and Jensen. All so beautiful and it is no real surprise really when the stylist was no other than Marie Olsson Nylander and the photographer Sara Svenningrud! So I think you will agree with me that it is of little importance what the time of year is! Back to Olsson and Jensen...they are a Swedish design company based in Helsingborg selling beautiful homewares and some vintage furniture. I love their simple Scandinavian lines, muted earthy tones, natural fabrics and tableware.If you love the calm feel of a pared back, modern rustic style then Olsson and Jensen's Christmas collection will be right up your street! What do you think? Are you already planning Christmas?

Check out for some of the products featured here.

Kate x


Styling: Marie Olsson Nylander

Photography : Sara Svenningrud

Copyright : Olsson and Jensen