The White Room| Melbourne


img_152513_afe9d960de268d9cf2d90f0d750e521e_max800x600 Where did that weekend go? This week I am determined to crack on with all those half finished jobs around the house and make a start on the bedroom which is looking far from a relaxing haven at the moment! So I cleared out a lot of junk, cleaned everything in preparation for some paint to go on the walls and  floor.I can't wait , I bought some very cool vintage lockers a year ago and they have been rusting very nicely in the garden ever since! I am planning something quite simple with an emphasis on textures and contrast (which in my world only means black and white!).Very exciting but first I need to finish the office.I say office, actually it is a very small room which has to serve as storage for an already overflowing wardrobe as well as books, paperwork etc...So I have been trawling Pinterest in search of small space inspiration and I came across this beautiful holiday let in Australia! Designed by Lynda Gardener, (Interior Decorator with Gardener and Marks, The White House Daylesford and The Estate Trentham), the place is an inspiration and proof that you don't need a house the size of Blenheim Palace, in fact I think people are much more creative when it comes to designing a small space.The studio size room is in Fitzroy Melbourne. The room features beautiful french linen, bespoke pieces of furniture including a leather club chair, industrial cabinets, paintings sourced from flea markets around the world, beautiful art work and one off finds. Surely this beats many soulless hotels? what do you think?

Kate x

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