Designer Crush | Mark & Vivi


The-Tire-Shop-Project-01-850x567 Two awesome designers today for the price of one today! Mark Fekete and Viviana de Loera AKA Mark & Vivi is an interdisciplinary design-build studio based in Montreal, Canada. Those two designers  began their collaboration after graduating from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, where they both received degrees in architecture. Their first project, transforming an old tyre shop into a home / office / gallery, all in just 800 square foot! Tall order right? Well it was beautifully accomplished with just one thing in mind...sustainability. I love the abondant use of locally sourced Canadian plywood, the low-VOC treatments on all exposed surfaces as well as low-emissivity windows and doors shielding the space from the harsh Montreal winters.Without forgetting that pop of colour throughout. Can't wait to show you more projects from these two! What do you think?

Kate x

The-Tire-Shop-Project-02-850x1275The-Tire-Shop-Project-03-850x567 The-Tire-Shop-Project-04-850x1111 The-Tire-Shop-Project-05-850x577The-Tire-Shop-Project-06-850x1237 The-Tire-Shop-Project-07-850x567 The-Tire-Shop-Project-08-850x567The-Tire-Shop-Project-09-850x1275 (1) The-Tire-Shop-Project-10-850x1275 The-Tire-Shop-Project-11-850x1275 The-Tire-Shop-Project-12-850x1275 The-Tire-Shop-Project-13-850x1177 The-Tire-Shop-Project-14-850x1177

Photography: Adrien Williams