Designer Crush | Royal Roulotte


  This Designer Crush takes us to France, near Paris, to meet Alexandra and Nicholas, founders of Interior Design Studio, Royal Roulotte.They both have a solid background in architecture and design and an ethos to make each home as individual as its owner. This pair's mantra is the Devils in the detail! They love mixing styles and eras...Nicholas says:

For me Interior Design and Decoration are like a wedding...There must be something blue (or another colour but I like the sense of loyalty associated with this colour), something borrowed (which belongs to someone close and which reminds us of them), something old (handed down from one generation to the next), and of course something new to carry on with the story! The real luxury is in all those little details...I love spending hours looking for the perfect mirror, lampshade, the final detail to achieve the perfect interior, that's what I love.

   If you are lucky enough to live near Paris and need help with a total renovation or just finalising a few details get in touch with them here. If not, grab a cup of coffee and just enjoy one of their many projects, a house in Fontainebleau which took several months to complete but boy what a result!