My Top 5 From Tine K Home


I am a huge fan of Danish brand Tine K Home. So naturally when it came to choosing goodies ( yes i am finally at  the "exciting" stage of renovating a house, choosing all the tiles, floorings, lighting and of course finishing touches!) Tine K Home was on my shopping list...So here are my top 5 must have items...

  • Hanging rail 


Such a simple beautiful design and perfect when space is limited.I agonised a long time over what storage to have in the bedroom.I previously had a huge Ikea wardrobe and whilst very practical  it didn't really tick the cool box! so out the wardrobe went and in came some old storage lockers, they are being sprayed on the inside just as I am writing this but as for the outside I am still undecided! This rail will be perfect alongside those and perfect for hanging my rather large collection of jeans.

  • Wall Spotlight


Again simple, beautiful, practical, I decided to practice what I preach and put a lot of thought into the lighting of the bedroom. These are perfect and for the ceiling light I will have a simple bulb and cord pendant from Nook London.

  • Scented Candle


One of my favourite scented candles, I don't think a day goes past when I don't light candles, they make a room cosy and they smell heavenly!

  • Iron Star


Again simple and beautiful, big enough to have alone as a statement piece, I love it and have had my eyes on it for some time!

  • Twin Basket



So I chose these because they are practical! yep you've read right! Oh and they look beautiful and big enough for the laundry, or spare cushions or whatever else "needs" to go in those beauties!

Kate x