Dowsing and Reynolds


  I love a good story and I love knowing a little about the people I spend my hard earned cash with, after all that's why I choose, as much as possible, to shop from independent retailers. So, meet the people behind the brand Dowsing and Reynolds...Husband James (Dowsing Reynolds) was creating concrete sculptures in his spare time when wife Ally, (who incidently has her own AMAZING lifestyle blog Digital Diva, check it out!), spots a concrete light in a mag and asks James to make her a more stylish version! He dutifully set to work (here the story doesn't specify whether wife Ally had to wait 6 months like I have to when I ask Mr Kate Young Design to do DIY!).Anyway one thing led to another and James is now well into his industrial lighting (and his food apparently), his wife Ally is also very happy and together they have a beautiful company called Drowsing and Reynolds full of beautiful lights which you can admire on their website here and even better if you enter the code "kateyoungdesign" at the checkout you will get 10% off  the Create your Own Range just because they are very very nice people!  I have my beady eyes on one of those amazing terracota lights! 


Hand crafted in Spain, these terracotta light shades called SPONGE UP were designed by Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte of POTT (The Pottery project). They create a beautiful atmosphere in a room with light diffusing through the sponge like holes in the terracotta pendant. These lights are available in black, red, blonde or white and come in three different sizes.


This vintage light bulb quad loop filament is one of our absolute favourite filament bulbs – just like the beautiful Edison light bulbs of times gone by. The energy-efficient light bulbs that have now largely replaced these traditional style filament bulbs lack much of the character of the originals – the lovely quad-loop filament visible through the glass and the gorgeous, cosy warm light they cast to name but two.


Our vintage light bulb tube long filament is a beautiful and perfectly uncomplicated cylinder. It’s the ideal filament light bulb for minimalist interiors; no unnecessary fuss just pure simplicity. We think it looks a little like a test tube that’s been creatively converted into a bulb so it’s sure to appeal to all you science geeks out there. We love it…


The arrival of your medium feather light shade Vita EOS is cause for anticipation. The beautiful packaging makes this more like receiving a secret gift from an admirer than a light shade. The designer-style matt black box opens to reveal a nest of soft white goose feathers – shake it out to reveal a gorgeous feather light shade that will add a delicate touch of luxury to your interior.


When you think Danish lighting, you probably think white. The Danes seem to effortlessly achieve an immaculately minimalist show-home look that’s the envy of many. Well, our Jonas white pendant light can help you on your way to achieving that very same feel. The Jonas white pendant light is a great looking light fitting and works fabulously in any Danish inspired interior.


Scandinavian lighting is a big deal in interior design and in particular Danish lighting. It seems that Danish lighting designers have the edge when it comes to producing standout ceiling lights… And our collection of Danish lights is no exception. These beautifully sleek pendant lights come in a variety of shapes and finishes to ensure there’s one perfect for your Scandi-style interior. We’ve even managed to cover several lighting micro-trends as well; copper lighting and steel pendant lights.