February wishlist 


Loads and loads of super cool new stuff hitting the shops right now and I have to say I'm so excited to show you this hand knitted light from Anthropologie. Isn't it the most beautiful thing ever? Which room would you put in? Before you get to attached to it be aware it comes at a high price tag but worth every penny!


Cutlery in my opinion is a bit boring and I never have spent a huge amount of cash on it.. BUT that's all about to change as I have my heart set on this  black cutlery set from Amara.



Rattan, big in the 60s and 70s has made a huge comeback in the last few months and we are all in love with it! From Lifestyle store Lo and Behold this beautiful chair would be perfect in my bedroom!


On my list too still from Lo and Behold the tibetan sheepskin rug here, I have them dotted all over the house they are cosy, beautiful and make everywhere look extra homely.

Finally from Holly's House those unusual set of spoons. These are so much more prettier than the stainless steel version especially good if like me you're kitchen is lacking storage and everything is on display!