Valentine's Day 


   What do we girls REALLY want on Valentine's Day? Expensive diner in a posh restaurant?Boring! A bunch of flowers from the garage? Nah! New underwear? Nope! A box of Cadbury's Milk Tray? Meh...What then? Read on and make it a day to remember!

These are a girls best friends! Any product from Aesop is fabulous and leaves your skin utterly beautiful....   Mermaid Shampoo of course, it is the best shampoo and conditioner ever with a yummy coconuty smell and it leaves the hair incredibly shiny... And Nasty Gals hand cream... well cos shes worth it!

Planned a cheeky little getaway weekend then dont forget this awesome portable cocktail kit from Gray Malin, it comes in a little box complete with springles and lets face it we are all suckers for sprinkles!

yes, we are still detoxing from christmas but who can resist one of those choccywoccydoodah cakes!!! If you're in a budget then I think those chocolate barres from Nomnom Chocolate are just perfect!

Not from the garage! Fresh or fake! yes faux is the coolest thing when it comes to blooms and she can keep them and remember the day forever!

Try Waitrose for fresh and Abigail Ahern for faux, they really really are the coolest thing! Trust me on that one!

Staying in is so much better on Valentine's day than going out! Cook the easy way with, you pick the meal they source all the beautiful ingredients weighed and measured and all you have to do is follow the instruction for a no stress homecooked meal! Easy and impressive right?

And just a few more ideas for you but hurry, there's not much time left!

Last little bit of advice, if you are buying underwear, make it tasteful! My fave For Love and Lemons, Free People or Nasty Gals!

Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day! ?