Urban Cowboy New York


4746341_original New York has been on the cards for a long time so when my gorgeous Canadian bestie and partner in crime Jess suggested a weekend away in the Big Apple I didn't take much convincing and immediately began looking for somewhere cool to spend a few days...I stumbled upon this beauty after hours of trawling the internet looking at overpriced hotels trying to convince myself it didn't really matter where we stayed as being in New York would be excitement enough...Then Boom, just look at this place!...  Forget any preconceived ideas of what a bed and breakfast is or should be, forget floral sheets and greasy fry ups...this is in a league all of its own and if you are willing to swap you morning coffee for a Veuve Cliquot Mimosa then hey you're in our gang and you can come and hang out in New York with us! Think Wild West in the middle of Williamsburg. Created by Lyon Porter in collaboration with designer Renee Mee, this B&B is an eclectic mix of industrial, vintage, exposed bricks and of course all the very individual touches that make Urban Cowboy the coolest place to stay in New York! You can rent a room or the whole place and sample a drool worthy interior and breakfast biscuits from a local deli! there is even a cabin in the garden and a hot tub! So who's coming?




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Urban Cowboy