At Home | Vintage Eclectic Workspace



 I am so excited to be sharing my first home project, a tad nervous too I have to say because I share so many beautiful and inspiring spaces on the blog that it's gonna be a challenge! I posted a few pictures on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I got such a great response from them that I decided to take the plunge and share my tiny bit of me space with you guys.  What I wanted was somewhere I could be surrounded with the things I love, somewhere I could write, read, be inspired or just sit and think.Somewhere I could put down a pencil and it would still be there 2 minutes later! (most of you will know how amazing that is when you have kids!). It was never gonna be about ergonomics, sensible storage or sitting with your knees and elbows at the correct angles! I am aware that your work area should be planned and make sense, a bit like a kitchen and the triangle thing everyone bangs on about, but for me the space just evolved, no mood board or detailed drawings went into this one. It is simply filled with books, prints, artwork, photos, plants ( yes they are real and so far they have survived 6 months which for me is an all time record! ) , an old desk which I got from Gumtree for £30, it's now become my most treasured possession, the white storage cupboard was an Ebay find and I think it cost me a tenner! The ugly cupboard storage space which houses my over spilling clothes collection has been hidden with a curtain made from old coffee sacks by moi! The lighting hasn't been done yet so I still have a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling but it's on my list as well as a desk light which I still haven't purchased as I can't decide which to go for, so I will post an update once that has been done!









So what do you think? Do you have your own workspace? I would also love to know if you think having your own workspace increases productivity... Let me know in the comments below ⬇️. Keep checking back ( or even better, subscribe and you will be notified by email!) as my next post will be all about shopping the eclectic, vintage look... Also come and say Hi on Instagram right here, I am always posting updates and pics of the house!