Sukha Amsterdam 


Blanket Lazy Super excited to be sharing my favourite shop in Amsterdam, Sukha Amsterdam. But don't panic if you don't live in Amsterdam everything can be ordered online and delivered fairly swiftly, I've done it many times! However if you are in Amsterdam then make sure you pay them a visit, it is the most wonderful place EVER! So firstly what does Sukha mean? It means ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit. And that is exactly what they are about...Beautiful, simple, ethical and sustainable design, handmade products and natural materials. Everything beautifully made and I think I could happily move in to the shop or buy the lot! How could you not want to? But before I get carried away showing you some of their goodies, here is what Founder & Owner Irene Mertens says about Sukha...

We find it important that the Atelier Sukha range is ethically and sustainably made, so we are involved in the production process from start to finish. Not only do we source the materials ourselves, we also work closely with the local communities that produce our designs: our soft woollen scarves are knitted by Nepalese women whilst the men make sturdy wooden daybeds, and our gorgeous cotton and linen tops are handmade by women in India. By providing them with a regular and fair income, we aim to create a better life for themselves and their families.

There is also a Sukha foundation which provides underprivileged children in Nepal the chance of a happy and independent future by providing training and housing, you can read more about that here.

No more waiting let's take a look (all these items have either already made their way into my house ior they are on my wishlist!) this is just a small selection of what you can find online, go shop away!




Chulto Cushion Big







Lazy Sofa licht

Pouf Cleo


Chulto Carpet aangepast


Sukha Pottery