Kara Rosenlund at home down under


kara roselund kateyoungdesignOf course I am always excited to share beautiful places with you guys but today I am extra extra excited to be showing you around Kara Rosenlund's home in Australia.This lady has been, still is my inspiration in the world of interiors. The cottage she shares with husband Timothy O is a modest 3 bedroom but nothing short of amazing. It is the perfect example that neutral doesn't have to mean dull and boring. The colour palette is simple , white, wood, warm shades of caramel. Kara is a photographer, stylist and collector of beautiful things! Her home is full of vintage pieces brought back from her travels. Just look at that range of kitchenalia for a start! Enjoy the tour!


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“My favourite thing to cook is traditional, slow-cooked dishes with European influences, like osso buco with polenta or a cassoulet; hearty home dishes. My favourite thing to do is to start a slow dish in the late afternoon, open a bottle of wine and watch the afternoon light turn into the evening with friends in the kitchen.”


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“Our flock of pekin bantam chickens – Bettina, Nigella and Trixie. Our girls come up the back stairs to say hello a few times a day, it’s all open plan so they just walk on through and will cackle out to let me know they are upstairs, I’m sure they are actually just cackling out for a treat.”

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“Being an old 1890s weatherboard cottage, I wanted to stay true to the way of life and the authenticity of the original home; both through small sensitive renovations and also with decorating the house,” Kara says. “This style of ‘workers cottage’ was very popular in Queensland around the turn of the 20th century and still proves today to be such clever design in terms of energy efficiency. There is one main hallway with three bedrooms running off the thoroughfare to catch the cool breezes, high ceilings for the hot air to rise (it gets very hot in Queensland) and generous verandas on both the front and the back of the house for outdoor living – we never close our windows and have our doors open all year round.

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“The mantle is just an old piece of wood; I wanted something basic and traditional to display just a few favourite objects. The portrait was just recently found for a cool five bucks!”

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“These salvaged old arched windows are actually from a local salvage shop; I saw them a few months back and thought they might work somewhere in the house though never thought the bedroom. In actual fact I actually tried them in every room, trashing and disorganizing the entire house as I went, until they finally worked in the last room as the headboard!”

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Via The Design Files | Photography Kara Rosenlund