Moroccan Rugs,trend or design classic?


  moroccan rugs kate Young Design

Beni Ouarain rugs have been absolutely massive in the interior world for quite a few years now. In fact famous interior decorator Frances Elkin commissioned a Beni Ouarain staircase runner all the way back in 1929!  So I think it's fair to say that they are more than a passing trend, they are definitely  a design classic.  These rugs originate from the Beni Ouarain people  from the Atlas Mountains. Traditionally the rugs are neutral in colour with black or brown geometric lines with a fairly deep pile. They were never originally used as decoration, they were made for nomadic use and would serve as floors in Berber tents. The rugs were also used as bed covers and blankets, to keep warm in the freezing cold desert nights. Read any blog, any deco mag and you will see them.They are popular with most designers as they fit in well with pretty much any type of decor, be it modern, scandi, boho, rustic, and they add instant textural interest to any decorating scheme. Anyway, trend or no trend I adore them and I will eventually have them in every room of the house! Another type of vintage rug is the Boucherouite (created using scraps of fabric), more colourful than The Beni Ouarain and in my opinion really cool for injecting a little colour in children's rooms.Finally if you are looking to purchase one there are many places you can go but I would recommend Maroc Tribal (UK), they have a huge range in stock and they are super helpful. 


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