Vee Speers Photography


You will no doubt be familiar with some of Australian born photographer Vee Speer 's work.  The birthday Party and Thirteen, have been seen dotted around the most fabulous houses shared all over the blogosphere! Her style is unmistakable, she has exhibited all over the world and her books are a must have on your coffee table. Vee likes to capture seemingly innocent moments in such a way that they quickly become haunting and thought provoking.

I don’t like to follow the crowd. I like to seduce, with images that are at once disturbing and beautiful, but leaving a space for the viewer to enter my world. My portraits combine elements which evoke conflicting emotions that can surprise the viewer, telling a story that is somewhere between fantasy and reality, the obvious and the unexpected.

Untitled #5

Vee is launching her new series called Botanica with The Photographers’ Gallery at Photo London Fair until the 22nd this month, don't miss it!

Celosia Cristata



All Vee's prints are available to buy from here.

Shared with kind permission from Vee Speers.