Colour of the year (part 2): Green


I am not what you'd call a colour confident person, I tend to shy away from anything bright. Indigo and green are the only two colours I use at home as they are so easy to layer with neutrals. So much so that I see them as an integral part of my colour palettes. I have already spoken about how much I love indigo (check here if you missed it), so let's talk about green... Green is connected to nature so probably an easier colour to accept and introduce into your home and I tell you it will transform and refresh your place. Green is well known for its restful, calming and stress relieving effects but what I love most about it is this feeling of freshness, of bringing nature inside all year round. Choose a statement wallpaper, tiles, plants or simply paint a piece of vintage furniture green, you can do as much or as little as you feel confident to! Get some inspiration below!