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  Do you remember what your first home was like? I remember mine, peach walls, coordinated cushions and a touch of yellow pine! It took me a lot of time to figure out what I loved, what I could live with and what made it feel like home and I'm happy to say none of the above made it to the final edit at home! Nice trip down memory lane (and please feel free to share your first place with me in the comments below) but for now  we are visiting Emilie's tiny rental in Copenhagen...Emily is just 23 years old and this her first apartment (yep that girl rocks!) She studies marketing management and loves nothing better than being creative in her spare time and boy does it show! The apartment is a mere 32m2 but every inch of it has been carefully used in the most ingenious way in order to make the most of the available space. Her style is a mix of boho and Scandinavian with a large dose of personality! Emilie made her own sofa cover, clothes rail, bed linen, cushion covers and that absolutely stunning headboard.Her inspiration comes from her travels to Asia but also Instagram. Her favourite place to chill at home is her patio, a small but wonderfully cosy outdoor space, a rare thing in the middle of Copenhagen. This place truly shows that it's not how much space you've got but how you use it that really matters.Thank you so much Emilie for sharing your truly inspiring home with us.















Shared with kind permission from Emilie Skovbon

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