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Before I begin with this week's beautiful House Of Instagram I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for messaging me asking me to share your house on the blog. It is taking me a while to go through them all but I will be in touch with everyone so please keep sending! Today we are off to France, South Brittany where we meet Valerie, a branding consultant for designers, stores ( notably the awesome Serendipity in Paris) and makers. Valerie shares her time between her Paris Pied a Terre in the 17th District and South Brittany. She describes her style as cozy, natural and authentic. She loves to surround herself with carefully chosen objects with a "buy less, buy better" philosophy. Her home is filled with linen, mohair blankets, deep comfy sofas, handcrafted items, unique treasures and a few very carefully selected designer items. Valerie certainly has a flair for turning a house into a welcoming, comfortable and cozy place you'd never wanna leave.

I asked Valerie where she gets her inspiration from...

Most of the time it is the place that inspires me. I like to think that a place has its own spirit and that you have to cope with it to feel good at home. So I listen very much to the place, how the sun gets in, when.. It helps me to organise the space with my belongings and the colors to play with inside.

And  her favourite room...

Definitely my bedroom. I have a very good relation with my bed :-). It’s the most comfy place at home. I am a sleeper. I love late and lazy mornings. I wake up very late (10 am) and go to bed very late too (well, like anyone I have to do my 9 hours/day job). Having no kid and being a freelancer I can organise my day the way I like. My bed is filled with pillows, washed linen sheets and bedspread… a real nest !

My favourite? Well, much like Valerie Im a huge fan of linen and natural materials, I love seeing all the different textures side by side. This place has soul and personality by the bucket load and it certainly ticks all my boxes!

Thank you so much Valerie for sharing your beautiful home with us and thank you to Charlie for looking so damn cute! For more inspiration you can follow Valerie on Instagram here.















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Shared with kind permission  from Valerie Anglade