Decorating with your five senses: Introducing Osmology


It is no secret that I love candles, scented ones in particular! I have them all over my house including the kitchen and not a day goes past when I don't have them lit! Any season anytime is a good time to have candles. The reason is they instantly make a room look and feel cosy but most importantly they complete your interior with their scent. Let me just explain what I mean. Too often when we decorate we just tap in to just 2 of our 5 senses: sight and touch! But for me what differentiate a house from a home is the inclusion of at least two more senses: Hearing and smell. Think how a room transforms when you add music and scented candles... Add these two and suddenly your house becomes your own personal space. Simple right? I mean why else would estate agents tell you to bake or make coffee before showing potential buyers round? Because smell (nice smell that is!) will have a long lasting effect in your brain. How many of you have memories triggered by smell? lots of you I am sure so don't overlook it at home, it is a game changer trust me. There are lots of ways to introduce smell in your home, it could be a plant, it could be flowers, lavender is a firm favourite for lots of people or it could be a scented candle which is my personal favourite and there are tons of them on the market to suit all budgets and noses!

I've recently discovered Osmology, which for people like me obsessed with decor and scent, is an absolute heaven! They source the world’s most exciting scented candle brands and home fragrance designers.

Osmology continually sources and curates a huge selection of exquisite scents to bring customers homes to life, and brings them together in one easy to shop space.

Go and have a look at their site and prepared to be wowed with brands such as  L:A Brucket, Hobo soy Candles, Terrible Twins, Skandinavisk and many many more including one of my favourite ever: Laboratory Perfumes. You can shop their selection below! I would love to know which is your favourite smell and why? Share in the comments below! Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was very kindly provided with a scented candle. All opinions are of course my own.