Celebrate your mornings with Eve Sleep


Are you getting a good night sleep?

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my post this morning talking about  World Sleep Day today! And no it isn't a day when you can stay in bed all day sadly! Yes it is a celebration of sleep but more importantly it is a call to action on important sleep issues such as various sleep disorders and how they impact on our daily life. I won't bore you with statistics but as someone suffering from insomnia on a regular basis I can tell you that the problem is real! They are lots of things you can do to help such as avoid caffeine, have a fixed bedtime, keep the room ventilated and have a comfortable bed and bedding. 

Celebrate your mornings

As you probably know I have an ongoing love affair with Eve Sleep so when they asked me to help celebrate World Sleep Day with a fabulous giveaway I had to say yes!  Eve is giving you the chance to win the ultimate sleep experience package to help you #lovemorningswitheve – and this is a pretty awesome giveaway! This is what you could win:

How exciting is that! I can't vouch for the Town Hall Hotel as I have never been myself although I had a quick look and it looks absolutely fantastic!

And don't worry if you are not in the UK, Eve will cover your travel from anywhere in Europe up to £600! For all the deets on how to enter check out Eve Sleep's blog post right here!

The competition closes on 31/03/18.

Let's talk bedding!

So whilst I haven't experienced the beautiful Town Hall Hotel myself,  I can however talk about the new linen bedding! Stonewashed for softness of course, I have the grey/white combo as well as the green/taupe combo which is part of the new collection of colours launching soon. Linen is a staple for me and I can't recommend these enough.

Eve also kindly sent me their all season duvet to try. Now I must say I am a big fan of feather and down duvets but this one actually feels so good and is more hygienic so it is a win win!



How do I celebrate mornings?

Well, hands up, I am not a great morning person! I do however have a little ritual which helps me be a slightly less grumpy individual! I always set the alarm half an hour early so I can enjoy a cup of coffee in bed, in peace before I start braiding hair, cleaning mud of shoes and trying to locate the ever missing PE kit! Yoga would also be amazing in the morning but the reality is if I try and put my alarm on any earlier I just end up pressing the snooze button over and over!

You too can share what makes your mornings special (either on Facebook or Instagram) and don't forget to tag @evesleep and use hashatag #lovemorningswitheve


Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was very kindly provided with bedding of my choice. All opinions are of course my own.