Teen bedroom makeover | The planning


  So, as some of you may know, we have recently moved house, yay! First room to be decorated is my youngest daughters room. She very gracefully chose the smallest bedroom so in exchange I promised to revamp her space first! The room she had previously was bigger than this one and she had a double bed which simply is not going to fit here. She also had built in storage and a huge amount of crap in there! Needless to say this was not going to be an easy task! So here is how I tackled my toughest client yet!

Teen bedroom | The conversation

Well it went a bit like this...Me: So how would you like your room.... Daughter: White... Me: White and what else? Daughter: Well I don't want any of that boho stuff or any of THOSE lights! Me: Gasp!

That last sentence broke my heart and I actually wondered whether I had brought the right baby home from the hospital! I mean no boho! Whaaat? And THOSE lights happen to be my favourite things ever, by the way THOSE lights are my beloved date palm pendant, bamboo light shades and seagrass hanging lamp WITH fringes! After sulking for a few hours about the fact that my own flesh and blood was dissing my strong lighting game, I pulled myself together and rejoiced at the thought of being able to indulge in my linen obsession for the bedding which was NEVER going to be negotiable! Ha!

That was about the end of the conversation apart from her informing she had found a bed she liked and she thought I would like it to...Now as an interior obsessive and being a little controlling when it comes to furniture I twitched nervously before agreeing to taker a look at the "only bed she liked on the internet!" Having spent hours researching myself and finding nothing suitable for a teenager I somehow doubted that she could have possibly unearthed the "perle rare" but to my utter amazement she had!

Teen bedroom | The bed

This is the most important purchase and as I always say when starting  a project, spend your money where it matters! And a bed matters a lot! Teens spend most of their time on their bed either playing games, reading or on their phone or tablet. So the bed needs to work hard day and of course night.

The bed Tigerlilly had spotted on Pinterest was from Rafa Kids. If you are not familiar with the brand, they are a small company from Rotterdam and you most likely would have spotted some of their children's beds on Pinterest because they are just stunning! Agata and Arek are both architects and they started designing children's furniture when they children were born. As their children grow, so do their collection of beautifully designed furniture and accessories to include teen beds like the A90 (single teen bed) and it's bigger brother the A120 (small double teen bed).

We went for the A90 in white (other finishes include dark chocolate, whitewash or natural). It is 100% Finnish Birch plywood and the crafmanship and attention to detail is second to none...

Subtle lines of this A teen bed make it a beautiful element of any space. The bed is lifted just enough from the ground to provide the best comfort for both sleeping and lying down during the day. We created this subtle design aiming for a minimal look but also to achieve sustainable material use in production.

Planning a teen bedroom can be a daunting task, finding good design that appeals to a teenager can be an impossible task. Here I am taking you step by step through the revamp of my teen daughter...


Teen bedroom | Colour, colour on the wall...

You may presume I would have been happy with my daughter's choice to go white but I was worried that without much texture in the room it may all end up looking a little bland. Plus I had spotted various shades of gorgeous barely there pink and corals and I was secretly hoping she would let me indulge! As I am typing this it looks like we are going with white but here are the two colours I was hoping for...

Serenata from Bert&May

Cluster Fig also from Bert and May

Teen bedroom | The mood board

I have introduced shades of pink in the accessories keeping most of the room simple and minimal.


Planning a teen bedroom can be a daunting task, finding good design that appeals to a teenager can be an impossible task. Here I am taking you step by step through the revamp of my teen daughter...



  1. A90 Bed from Rafa Kids
  2. Abstract was art from Wallzilla.com
  3. Rug, Ikea
  4. Throw, H&M
  5. Mirror, Zuiver from Cuckooland
  6. Alessi Girotondo lamp, Amara
  7. Umbra Buddy Hooks, Amara
  8. Microsoft Surface pro, AO.com
  9. Aromatherapy candle, Scentered.me
  10. Linen bedding, Piglet in Bed
  11. Fjall Raven Kanken backpack
  12. Norm3, Normann Copenhagen, Amara


Teen bedroom | Storage

The all important question of storage isn't on the mood board because I have not made a final decision yet. I am leaning towards the Ikea Pax wardrobe with white sliding doors. It would be large enough to store all her clothes, shoes and a multitude of other bits and pieces which would otherwise make the room look cluttered.

I also love the Ikea Eket wall cabinet to hide all of the gaming paraphernalia.


So wish me luck! I will keep you updated of all the progress on Instagram and the reveal should be in around 4 weeks time!